First Draft App Released!

First Draft App is now available on Windows

3rd September, 2020

Blue Ink Software is proud to announce the release of First Draft App on Windows 10. First Draft App is distraction free writing software that aims to help people write at their best.

Many people struggle to achieve their writing goals. It may be a problem with sitting down and getting started, reaching your daily word count, or feelings of anxiety while writing. First Draft App was created by a writer who struggled with all these things before taking a step back and realizing that most writing software goes against the writing process, creating more challenges than are needed.

At Blue Ink Software we are passionate about the writing process and how following it can help people overcome difficulties with their writing. First Draft App has been designed from the ground up to keep you aligned with the writing process. Whether you are writing a book, blog, or essay, First Draft App will help set you up for productivity and success.

The good news is that you can try First Draft App for free right now. A one day free trial is available via the Windows Store. Don't take our word for it: you can see if First Draft App can help you with your writing right now.

For an in-depth look at how First Draft App can help with the writing process, please visit the FAQ. This is just the beginning of the First Draft App journey; stay tuned for the announcement of new features and new platforms soon.

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