A Better Way to Write

By Writers for Writers, First Draft App will help you get your writing done in less time with less stress.

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Write Differently

First Draft App takes the writing process to heart: keeping you going forward until the first draft is done and leaving the editing to when the time is right. It uses a specialized mode of writing where you only see the most recent lines of text, providing only the necessary information to write the next sentence. Once that sentence is complete, it becomes uneditable.

This unique way of writing stops you from being overly critical of your writing during the first draft and maximises productivity by stopping pre-emptive editing. First Draft App eliminates all distractions so you can reduce stress and just focus on writing the next sentence!

Calm and Creative

Research has shown that different colours can boost creativity, focus, attention to detail, and much more. First Draft App allows you not just to select the colour of your font, but also the colour of the page itself.

The age of uninspired writing is over. You can now write with a colour scheme that allows you to fully immerse yourself in your work and reach new levels of creativity and focus.

Fully Customizable

First Draft App provides numerous other options to customize the look of your writing to suit you as an individual. You can control the amount of visible text, its position, size, and much more. You can select from over fifty hand-picked fonts, and use subtle blurs and fades to control your focus on the screen.

Effortless Tracking

First Draft App allows you to set a goal for each file you create and automatically monitors your progress against that goal. You can target a total word count, writing time, or even set daily goals. Want to write 500 words a day for the next month? With an in-built calendar and feedback notifications, First Draft App will always let you know how much progress you’ve made.

Even if you don’t use targets, First Draft App will remember how much writing you do on each day. Gain insight into not just how many words you have written, but also how long you have spent writing.

Real Accountability

First Draft App can give real accountability to your writing targets. Any target you set for a file can be enforced. This means that until you fully achieve your goal, you will not be able to export your writing from the app. First Draft App can convert your writing targets into real commitments, helping motivate you to sit down and write until you reach your target. But don't worry, with First Draft App’s encrypted file format, you can still make back-ups of your writing while working towards your goal!

And Much More...

No Lock In: Keep it simple and export all your writing in plain text format. When you are ready to move on to the second draft, you are free to use the editing software of your choice.

Multiple Themes: With both a light and dark menu theme, First Draft App can always match the look of your operating system.

Active Development: First Draft App is under active development with new features coming soon. No features will be hidden behind a paywall and all future updates will be free of charge after purchase.

Download on the Mac App StoreEnglish badge

Only $14.99 on Windows and Mac

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